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What To Expect From An Ethical Rehab

Below we discuss what you can expect when entering a residential treatment facility

What To Expect From A Residential Treatment Facility

What To Expect From A Residential Treatment Facility

To admit yourself into a recovery programme is usually a pain stacking decision. If you don't want help, or you are in denial of your addiction or mental health issues you could well relapse.


Each residential rehab facility is different They can range from forest to coastal resorts to luxurious facilities. Cheaper rehabs usually have unqualified staff and their programs consist of few counselling sessions and activities are few and far apart. As the old saying goes - you get what you pay for.

Below we discuss what you can expect when entering a caring, registered residential treatment facility (below pertains to what you can expect from a coastal residential rehab facility in South Africa)

What To Expect From A Rehab

1) Some residential rehabs offer hospital detoxification which means you will be admitted to a hospital for 3 to 5 days. The detox program is overseen by one of the rehabs medical practitioners, a qualified doctor.

On completion of hospital detox, you will begin your recovery program at the rehab centre itself. If additional detox is needed it will be administered by a qualified nurse/sister at the rehab itself which will be overseen by the same doctor.

2) During your stay, you will receive individual counselling which is performed by one of the rehabs trained addiction counsellors. Most registered rehabs have a qualified psychologist aboard there team and you will usually participate in daily group therapy with others addicts from the rehab.

Group therapy sessions are usually based on the 12-step program and are conducted by qualified counsellors and therapists from the centre.

3) Most coastal rehabs in South Africa offer both forest or inland and ocean activities, morning walks on the beach, gym classes and barbeques. Activities would include diving with seals, whale watching and ferry trips into the untouched Knysna Forests (an awesome experience ;)

Rehab Activities in Plettenberg Bay

Activities are not forced upon you, but it is suggested to participate in all activities which are part of the daily program. Activities would naturally vary from rehab to rehab and location and daily program.

4) Most treatment facilities won't allow you out alone (maybe for jogging, or walking their dogs) they will, however, allow you out under supervision to go shopping and to go to the gym, etc...

5) Treatment centres don't allow you permanent access to your phone, but they do allocate times for phone calls and have dedicated laptops to allow you to check up on emails. There is usually a 'light-out' curfew and times do apply to watch television.

Due to rehabs not believing in isolation there rooms are not private, which means that they accommodate two or more patients (in single beds) Males and females will share different rooms but will participate in the same/similar counselling sessions and activities.

Most rehabs do support individual treatments, custom-designed to suit your addiction or mental health disorder.

6) Relaxation time is plentiful and so are activities and adventures.


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