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Specialized Treatment Programs are conducted by therapists and counsellors

The Programs are usually three times that of a normal residential rehab centre

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What Is Specialized Treatment Programs

What Is Specialized Treatment Programs
Updated - 25 April 2020

Specialized Treatment Programs are usually three times that of a normal residential rehab centre. Specialized Treatment is usually offered by luxury private executive facilities on an in-patient or out-patient basis.

A standard 28-day program in a specialized treatment centre is equivalent to 3 to 6 months of treatment from other recovery centres.

Specialized Treatment Programs are conducted by therapists, counsellors and other recovery teams based on unique treatment programs specifically designed to your addiction or mental health disorder.

Specialized Substance Abuse Treatment

Specialized substance abuse treatment can be easily misunderstood. A single definition of treatment does not exist, and standard terminology describing different dimensions and elements of treatment does not exist.

Moreover - treatment systems differ from country to country and from rehab to rehab, with each country, city and rehab having its own peculiarities and specialities.

While each client in a treatment program will have a specific goal, all programs have 3 similar goals to achieve.

Specialized substance abuse treatment is only a beginning. Most clients in substance abuse treatment have multiple and complex problems, including mental health disorders. Mental health conditions more than likely contributed to the initial development of substance abuse.

This entails treating independent psychiatric disorders to improving psychological functioning.

Substance abuse treatment comes in two basic environments

Reality is - there is no single treatment approach that is effective for all clients with drinking issues, and there is an overall advantage for residential treatment over outpatient care.

Clients who remain in residential treatment for a longer period of time are also likely to achieve more. Duration of the treatment for 3 months or longer is advised for a successful outcome.

Thereafter - Continuum of Care or groups therapy such as Alcohol Anonymous will result in less chance of relapse.


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