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Before choosing a rehab for a treatment program there are important questions to ask

Questions To Ask A Rehab Center

You should research several facilities before committing yourself to a treatment programme that suits your substance abuse or mental health issue.

Choosing a centre close to home can make it easier for loved ones to visit, but its sometimes the most appropriate option to choose a rehab that is further away from old friends and family members that might have contributed to your substance abuse and mental health issue.

Questions to Ask A Rehab

Questions to Ask A Rehab

1) Ask prices and programmes, specifically counselling sessions and duration of stay.

2) Ask if the rehab is registered with the relevant authorities

3) Ask if the counsellors and therapists are qualified and do they specialize in specific areas

4) Does the rehab support medical aid, and if so, what procedures need to be taken to claim back from medical aid?

5) Ask what supplemental services they offer such as activities and if they support an after-care programme.

6) What can I bring along? (such as phone, laptop, pocket money, and even favourite pet ;)

7) Do they offer a chaperon service or do they offer parking for a motor vehicle?

8) Are loved ones invited to participate in counselling sessions and are they allowed to visit?

9) Are you allowed out alone? (example: to go jogging)

10) How often can I watch television, phone, use the Internet, and what time is 'lights-out'?

Due to rehabs not believing in isolation there rooms are not private, which means that they accommodate two or more patients (in single beds) In most instances males and females will share different rooms but will participate in the same/similar counselling sessions and activities.

Most rehabs do however support individual treatments, custom-designed to suit your addiction or mental health disorder.


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