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Dangers of Cheap Rehabs

In general cheap rehab facilities pay there staff poorly, resulting in them been under qualified.

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Is A Cheap Rehab The Best Option?

Programs are usually poor and group therapy is at the most of times conducted by the addicts themselves. Activities are usually few and far apart and you are treated with a lot less respect as to what you would be treated if you had rather paid a little extra.

In general, most medical aids will pay for the first 28 days of treatment. Rehabs that base their prices on medical aid will offer you a lot less than a more expensive rehab.

In general, residential rehabs do charge above what medical aid is willing to pay.

Below is what you could experience if you choose a rehab based on cheap prices!

Rehab From Hell

Cheap and unregistered rehabs could well result in financial loss. Some cheap rehabs will even go as far as to try to hideaway costs in an effort to portray themselves as been affordable. Make sure you ask for registration and carefully read the contract for hidden costs.

Medical Aid

Cheap residential centres usually have a high relapse rate.


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