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The last thing you want is to be admitted to a rehab from hell!

The Department of Social Development came across 178 unregistered rehabs operating illegally in the Western Cape alone

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How to Find The Right Rehab

Finding The Right Rehabs

Finding the right rehab centre can be challenging, considering all the unregistered residential treatment centres that exist and all the referral agents that auction off addicts like cattle to the highest bidder that pays them the most commission, up to 30% per referral!

Just recently a study was done by the Department of Social Development in South Africa in 2019 in the Western Cape.

The Department of Social Development came across 178 unregistered rehabs operating illegally in the Western Cape alone, let alone the amount they never came across in the Western Cape.

You can now imagine how many illegal centres there are in South Africa, let alone the entire world!

Referral Agents

Daniel Gerrard from Addiction Helper who offers Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services in London the United Kingdom was caught out on camera by the 'Times' - here's the article >> Daniel Gerrard The Parasite

He was auctioning addicts off to the highest bidder, and even admitted it on camera, and incriminated Google as being part of his scam. Google then ran a massive medic algorithm crashing huge amounts of site, in the process even demoting legitimate rehabs!

How To Research Rehabs Testimonials?

How To Research Rehabs Testimonials

After contacting a rehab they will send you there pricing structure and program. If they reply with a free g-mail account, or anything equivalent to free, then ignore them.

Check there G-Business reviews by typing the business name into Google Search (their business should appear on the right side of the page or on Google maps)

If they don't have a G-Business account then stay far away (they obviously not registered and also don't want bad reviews)

Google my Business reviews tend to be the most accurate. If the site has reviews that have been submitted in a short time frame (per hour/per day) they are possibly false (possibly posted by the rehab centre to make themselves look good, or to bury bad reviews)

If the reviews all pertain to new clients that recently left the treatment centre, and there are no reviews that come from clients that visited the centre years back, then the centre was possibly not successful in long term recovery.

Addicts do have a tendency of bragging about how long they have been clean and will usually be proud of it and give thanks years later.

Addicts that just left the centre have a tendency of being grateful (they are now clean, and ready to start there new life) and will post a positive review, but if they relapse (which on many occasions does happen) they wont come back and admit it, due to shame and guilt.

And if the reviews pertain to any form of abuse, and have low star ratings, then stay away. The last thing you want is to be admitted to a rehab from hell!

Rehab From Hell

Qualifications and Programs

Legitimately registered rehabs do have the tendency of displaying a team, with the team they usually display certification and registration. If they don't display certification or registration, ask for it. If they reluctant to forward team certification and company registration then move on.

Programs play an important role in recovery. Insist on the program and read it carefully (not just the fun activities, mostly the counselling sessions)

Hidden Costs

Most rehabs do have the tendency of been straight forward, but some don't. Check out the contract carefully, at times there might be hidden costs which they have not discussed with you such as claiming back on medical aid (unregistered rehabs will try hide it) there will also be other costs such as pocket money, medical, detox, etc... make sure you know the exact costs before entering the treatment facility.


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