Difference Between 12 Step And Non-12 Step Treatment

The 12-Step model uses the principles of a higher power

Non-Twelve Step Treatment Programs do not focus on a higher power.

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Difference Between 12 Step And Non-12 Step Treatment

Difference Between 12 Step And Non-12 Step Treatment

Twelve Step Treatment Programs

Therapy in the 12-Step model uses the principles of 12-Step programs. The 12-Step program predominately focuses on the following:

* Acceptance: realizing that addiction is a chronic disease over which the individual has no control, and that willpower alone is not enough to overcome substance abuse.
* Surrender: giving control to a higher power (religious or otherwise), and accepting help and support from treatment professionals and other individuals in recovery.
* Participation: attending 12-Step meetings and events regularly, and following the tenants of that program.

Non-Twelve Step Treatment Programs

Non-Twelve Step Treatment Programs are for patients that seek support but wish to get away from the reliance on a higher power associated with most 12-Step organizations.

* Motivation: finding personal motivation to change.
* Personal Responsibility: accepting personal responsibility for recovery and ongoing sobriety rather than giving up power to someone or a higher power.
* Balance: establishing balance in life via overall wellness and active participation in peer support meetings

The philosophies of each are somewhat different; however, both 12 Step and non-12 Step programs advocate self-reliance and peer support.

Like any form of treatment and aftercare, ongoing participation is key to the success of both 12 Step and non-12 Step programs.


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