Addiction and Mental Health Helplines in Germany

Drug and Alcohol helplines in Germany and Austria

Narcotics Anonymous Germany and Austria

All people with a drug problem are welcome to attend our meetings. If you are not sure whether you are an addict or not don’t worry, just come around anyways. Find out for yourself if you are an addict or not. Anybody without an addiction problem who is interested in NA is welcome to attend as “open to non addicts” designated meetings.

Berlin AA Meetings

AA meetings above show for Berlin.

Narcotics Anonymous Berlin Hotline: 0800 44 533 62

Menatal Health Helpline in Germany

TelefonSeelsorge Hotline in Germany

TelefonSeelsorge in Germany is there for everyone, for old and young people, working people, housewives, apprentices or retirees, for people of any faith community and of course for people without church affiliation. More than 1.5 million calls are held each year, free of charge and around the clock. For worries weigh heavily and they are not based on daily or opening hours. They also have an open ear in the middle of the night

TelefonSeelsorge Website

The telephone counselling is open to all problem areas and for all callers in their respective situation. There is no denominational, political or ideological pressure on the callers. Your call will remain anonymous.

Helpline - 0800/111 0 111 - 0800/111 0 222 - 116 123
Your call is free

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